Turner Works Appreciation

        Turner believes that nature imposes an unavoidable influence on human destiny. Only by looking at this picture from this perspective can we understand its full meaning. It explains why Turner so desperately touches on natural phenomena and forms the basis of his style of characterization of these natural phenomena. He fell in love with the ocean deeply because he wanted to participate in the world around him. He regarded the sea as one of those terrible, eternal forces of nature whose violent, destructive power could destroy human lives, It is also the source of life and the destination of inclusive death.
    Therefore, Turner's interest in the invention of George Manby is not surprising. To help the sailors in distress, Manny invented a cannon that can shoot cables from far to the sunken ship. Turner had in his vast sea view painting, did not forget to draw this cannon. This is evidence of his interest in technological innovation. In Turner's work, "Shipwreck" is the first printmaking.
    In 1807, Turner's colleague Chas Turner, who had no relativeship with the painter, proposed to publish one of his works. At that time, the print dealer informed the possible purchase abundance. Because of the first William Turner printout the county introduced to the public, the quality was high and only printed in fifty. The print shop also invites those who wish to buy the print as soon as possible, because the delivery takes place in the order of the book. It is clear to both Turner that printmaking will be commercially successful (and indeed so). In Turner's life, this matter undoubtedly played an important role.

Painting Appreciation    The picture achieves the harmony of the overall structure through the representation of the characters, ships and waves and the handling of colors. Against the backdrop of the haze of infinitely dangerous skies and the dark and treacherous sea, the foreground is a tidal wave of white-green hues. The sea like a huge whirlpool, is gradually devouring helpless boats. The strength of the relationship between man and nature are very disproportionate confrontation, revealed in this painting. But the painter is unwilling to say so, or should say that people are unwilling to do so. When life is infringed and harmed, he always tries his best to confront the enemy. Even knowing that it is useless, he is still trying his best to save a bit of energy The last hope, waiting for a little miracle. Perhaps this is the greatest motivation for man to create life and civilization.


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