The Peasant Woman - Bouguero

Bouguero seized the scenes of daily life and drama, shaped the image of ordinary people without losing their dignity. He expressed his concern for social reality and his inner uneasiness. In 1871, during the Franco-Prussian War, the chaos caused by the Paris Commune and the patriotic enthusiasm of the French people, Bouguero felt empathetic and showed it through such works as “The Peasant Woman”. Bouguero was intent on creating an image of the French against foreign invasion in a period of turmoil. For this reason, he chose a peasant woman with a scythe to harvest crops. She stood proudly and filled with pride and enthusiasm, it represented the noble and strong people of the French. The image of the peasant woman vividly demonstrated the patriotism of the French people, and the firm determination of this nation will not yield to the enemy.

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Adolf William Bouguero was the most important figure in French painting school in the first half of the 19th century. He draws a large number of followers based on myths and fables. He won many awards in his life and became the most famous painter in France at the time. His works are characterized by a high degree of completeness, comprehensive techniques and good at expressing sentimental subjects. In the aspect of character modeling, in order to pursue a high degree of beauty, abandon technical innovations, maintain the official orthodox art, and exclude other schools of art, thus being criticized by modern critics as conservative painters.

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