The Madonna on the Chair | Raphael

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  • 2018-05-29
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Artist Famous Painting

        This is a very famous one of the images of the Madonna painted by Raphael. This painting depicts a beautiful, dignified, graceful and serene young mother. She is dressed in popular clothes and also wrapped in a veiled headscarf. He looks and feels gentle and virtuous. This is what Raphael created. The Image of Our Lady of the Era of Life in the Age. The French painter Angelo once commented on Raphael's work: "If I want to write out Raphael's qualities and his unparalleled intelligence and wisdom, I need an entire book and several volumes... Raphael. The characters depicted are all good and all the characters in his paintings have the appearance of an honest man." Raphael painted many Madonna images throughout his life. These Madonna images brought him a great reputation. Raphael's “Madonna of the Virgin” is no longer the appearance of weight loss, pain, and dullness expressed in the medieval painting art. Instead, it shows a calm, peaceful, kindly, leisurely, and beautiful demeanor, which can give people a sense of beauty and Delusions can also make people feel revered. Raphael’s Madonna’s paintings are so beautiful. Each one is extraordinary, and the viewers forget about it. So a few hundred years later, a word of praise was circulated throughout Europe: "The same as the Madonna of Raphael."
        Phil pays special attention to the sight of the Virgin Mary. People often say that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Through a pair of eyes, they can peer into the soul of the painting. Raphael's deep feelings in the paintings of the Virgin, these moving eyes make the audience feel touched. With regard to these moving eyes, there is a legend: Once a painter came out of the Vatican, he saw a young girl with a baby under the pillar of the door, resembling his heart-felt woman, Frenera, and saw her eyes making him look Upside down, he picked up a piece of charcoal with passion and wanted to perpetuate this moving moment on the canvas. He looked around and saw an empty bucket in the sky beside him. The painter ran over to turn over the bucket without thinking. On the bottom of the barrel, the amorous and beautiful young woman was painted swiftly. Some people think that the creation of "The Lady in the Chair" was inspired by this.
        The color configuration of Raphael's styling basically follows the Christian concept and is based on the red and blue colors. Because in Christianity, red is the symbol of God's love, and blue is the symbol of God's truth. Therefore, in religious paintings, the dress of the Virgin is generally matched with red and blue. In this painting, the Virgin's blouse is red, the cloak is blue, the yellow jewel of the Baby Jesus, and the three primary colors of the dress and the red and blue of the Virgin constitute a harmonious three primary colors, thereby strengthening the bright colors and the richness of the picture. In the era of Raphael, a new philosophical ideology of Platonism prevailed. He not only advocated the eternal beauty of being immortal, but also pursued the creation of ideal beauty in the art. In the artistic creation of the humanistic masters, more emphasis is placed on the discovery of the beauty of life. They have a sense of reality in all the artistic beauty.
        Raphael is very good at using curves to shape the image. The combination of the frame from the circular frame of the frame to the characters, posture, clothing, and folds are all composed of various curves of different lengths. The whole image of the frame gives the viewer fullness. Soft and harmonious perfection.


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