The Appreciation of the Works of "The Gleaners"

Miller Art

        In 1857, the French painter Miller created the oil painting "The Gleaners", which is the most representative of Miller's style. It did not show any dramatic scenes. It was just after the autumn harvest that people picked up the remaining wheat ears from the ground. . The main body of the picture is just three peasant women who leaned over to pick up the wheat ears. In the background, there are busy people and tall stacks of wheat bran. These three people are in contrast to the crowds in the distance. They are dressed in rough cloths and heavy wooden shoes. They are strong and can't talk about beauty. They can't speak of elegance. They just humbly squat down and look for scattered and surplus in the earth. food.
        When the painter was 43 years old in 1857, he completed "The Gleaners." In the fields that have been harvested, three poor peasant women are picking up wheat scattered in the fields. There are no complicated scenes in the painting, and there are not too many details. It is very simple and clear. The three peasant women were exhausted and looked at the scorching sun in the midsummer. They searched for the lost wheat in the roasting sun on the hot sun, and the sweat of the sweat had soaked the rags. The background of the screen is a hill of wheat husks. The owner rides at once to supervise the peasants to work. The harvest prospects and prospects are in stark contrast to the three peasant women. This implies that in the harvesting season, the peasants still cannot afford food and clothing. The major social problems and harsh class opposition were revealed in this painting by the painter with a concrete image. After the advent of the work, there was an amazing social response. The bourgeois critics made a political assertion based on their sensitivity: “There are peasants protesting in the painting.” “These three pickers are so pretentious and just like Three goddess of the same fate.” There were also people who exclaimed: “Behind these three pickers standing out in front of the sky, there are peasant riots with swords and guns and a guillotine in 1793.” In fact, the painters did not think so. More often than not, he just painted his own experiences and feelings. The life of this painting lies in reality. This kind of reality can cause people to doubt the society. So Miller, a painter of realism, frightened the bourgeoisie. Miller used simple techniques in all of his paintings to express rich connotations. His thoughts and opinions were naturally revealed through real images and scenes. He created an incomparable peasant model. The peasants described by him have a simple, kind, honest, and juvenile beauty that always exudes muddy atmosphere. Miller is a great peasant painter. His art is recognized as the solemn epic of rural life. He used brush and color to express the peasants' attachment to the land, and also revealed the joy and sadness of mankind fighting over the land.


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