The Family of Belliree - Degas

degas family

The oil painting "Belliree" describes the painter's parents and two cousins. The complexity of the size and theme of this painting can make people want to see the heavy weight of this task. This is a realistic scene. However, the artist failed to show a sense of space here. The extremely delicate sketch did not show a sense of volume. The harmonious and gentle colors (sky blue, white, and black) did not reach the tone effect. The artist focused all his attention on the character. The image is depicted. People do not seem to pose, but it cannot be said that the painter seized them at once. The paintings show the noble “good education” of noble families, their law-abidingness (as well as the painter), their unpretentiousness and unabashed demeanor.

The appearance of the painter's mother is delicate, and in the eyes of the artist, this can replace the beauty, but it lacks the persuasiveness of life. All the characters , just as in Degas's mind, mainly aroused a sense of awe-inspiring, just as the whole painting is awe-inspiring with its excellent sketch. This awe-inspiring feeling is so strong that it leaves no room for artistic appeal.

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