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Arnolfini Couple Portrait was completed in 1434, is the representative work of Jan Van Eyck, who is known as the "Father of Oil Paintings." This custom oil painting is a masterpiece of the Northern Renaissance and shows a scene of a rich couple who are married. Although Van Eyck did not know the perspective at that time, his work portrays a superbly detailed composition comparable to modern photography. Everything in the painting is full of symbolism, and there is also no lack of religious metaphors. As a result, different interpretations, textual research, and speculation in later generations make it immensely mysterious.

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The protagonist of the "Arnolfini" is probably Arnolfini, an Italian businessman in Bruges. Arnolfini made a fortunate in Bruges of Flanders region and was mainly engaged in trading business. His main trade is fashion items, such as clothes, fur; the other is a luxury, which didn’t have in Flanders while it sell in Italy, he traded the rare fruits from Italy . It is possible that Arnolfini's house in Bruges was the home of the painted interior. Their family is extremely rich, stylish and well-dressed.

If we enlarge the view of the window on the left side of the painting, notice that the exposed branch of the window is the cherry tree. The cherry tree in this state must not be in the fall and the winter, but in the summer. So why the couples in summer still wear so thick? Probably because there was a saying in Bruges at the time that the more wears the more richer it is. Van Eyck uses extreme details to portray the realist style in portrayal, although it is still impossible to tell if this is Arnolfini's day-to-day dress - as a local giants they have very little jewelry, the duke of Burgundy admired the simplicity and richness of merchants in dark clothing, so it is possible that the tone of the picture may be due to communication reasons rather than sketch.

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