Development Course and Popular Trend of Oil Painting

    The history of oil painting should be traced back to the original rock painting totem, etc., although those are not oil painting, even closer to the category of text symbols, but after all, is the source of painting.Picasso painting
    Throughout the development of the entire painting process, in fact, closely linked with the production and living conditions, but also a process of human understanding of the world. There was a painting before the words were produced, initially only the original imitation. The highest standard of imitation is realism, that is, an objective picture of the natural existence of reality. So later we see the classical paintings are realistic. The masters of oil painting pursued the "real effect" process. Just as scientists pursued the truth, they also carried out a large amount of experimental measurements. For example, research on the light color, space, plant specimens, animal anatomy and the physico-chemical characteristics of oil paint materials also contributes to the development of science. Classical oil painting realistic technique can be described as extreme, but subject to the limitations of pigment material, the color of classical oil painting is not enough to fully reflect the natural color.
    Developed up to now, realistic oil painting is comparable to the photos. Imitation there is always the limit, not much room for improvement, then you need to break through. Although Renaissance works are still realistic, they have only changed from painting gods to painting ones. However, the emancipation of thoughts is the greatest progressive force. People began to pay more attention to their own subjective feelings and express their ideas of subjective feelings. Therefore, art Start colorful and diverse development. No longer demanding color and shape of reality, there was later expressionism, impressionism and totally invisible abstraction.
    Modern decorative painting is omnipresent and desperate, but also tend to mass consumption and fashion trends. Of course, this has caused quite a lot of controversy. Some people say that it deviates from art. Others say it is promoting art. It is also a process of development of art.


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