Oil Painting "Sick Child"

        Munch was born in an intellectual family in Norway in 1863. The father is a knowledgeable and experienced military doctor, and his mother also received a good art education. At the age of five, his mother died of tuberculosis, and her sibling five. The man was adopted by the aunt. After her mother died, her father was sad for a few days without leaving his house. His depressed nerves strongly infected Munch, who had lost his mother. This was the first time he felt the terror of death in his life. Munch was 13 years old. That year, the two-year-old sister also died of lung disease.

        Munch had a very good relationship with her sister and had deep feelings. Her death once again stimulated Munch’s nerves. Then his sister also suffered from schizophrenia. The pain caused by this series of attacks was deeply imprinted. In Munch’s heart, he decided on Munch’s character and the tone of his first half creation. From his works such as “Sick Child”, “The Death of Mother” and “Beside the Glee”, we can clearly Seeing this, especially after the death of his father in 1889, his spirit could not be pinned, and his personality became melancholy and isolated. Feelings of loneliness, despair, and death deeply troubled the young Munch, and they were unable to express themselves. degree.

        "I opened up a new path with the "Sick Child" - it became a sudden advance in my art. The production of most of my subsequent works was attributed to this painting." Munk said, "I paint In this painting, within a year, the manuscript - scratched and re-colored - is always trying to capture the first impression: the transparent, pale skin, trembling lips, trembling hands. "At that time, due to lung disease, young people were often debilitated and drowned. This has already been demonstrated in front of Munch with a living picture. Munch had reasons to claim that "...there was hardly a painter who experienced its subject as I did in The Sick Child until the last painful cry, because this is not a lonely person sitting there, but my own. All love..." First of all, the painful death of her sister, Sofia, deeply shocked the 14-year-old Munch. This painful experience also became the reason for the strong spiritual penetration of the painting. Driven by internal forces, Munch almost independently found a new, newly opened and expressive form of language to express this inner experience. Because it broke through the habitual framework, it caused many unpleasant things in Norway. But for Munch, this is a manifestation of his artistic claim: depicting people who have breathing, emotions, pain, and love. Until he repainted the painting six times in 1927, he also painted a woodcut and a color lithograph on this theme, illustrating how he was constantly attracted to the subject entirely derived from personal direct experience.


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