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Picasso, before the creation of the Cubist language, his experienced stages are in the "end of the century" under the European cultural atmosphere, and with a double exploration of the mark; both to explore strong determination of style, but also to explore the huge fury feelings. He had attempted to use intense and bright colors to reinforce his sad that belonged to the paintings of the blue period. He also rediscovered the simple form of the post-impressionist tones, which is typical painting style of the "Rose Period".

Picasso came to Paris in 1900, and in 1904 settled there. During this period of his creation is called "blue period", which is the first time he formed his own style. Blue background, blue character, blue hair, blue eyebrows and blue eyes, the blue color dominated in all of his work, the background is simplified, the sense of light and depth are avoided, he combine characters into a simple patterns. The heavy, intense and flowing lines give the impression of an unreal, virtual world. This line has the emotional weight. Most of the painter's later works have the characteristics of this expressive line. These characteristics are derived from observing human actions and gestures. This period is also a period in which Picasso paid close attention to real life . He has not gone too far from the ordinary people in pursuit of certain philosophical and artistic performances.

Blue at that time was a symbol of poverty and the end of the century. As a result, his works showed more people under the influence of poverty and distress. The figure in the painting was thin and lonely. As for why Picasso will use blue as the main theme, there is no definitive statement. One claim thought that he was influenced by the French painter Monet and Carrieux, who believe that this tone enhances the poetic composition of the picture. Another argument holds that Picasso preferred blue because it represents depression. Also in that piece of monochromatic light blue, pink blue, dark blue, Picasso embarked on his path to success.

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