Leng Jun Works Appreciation - Xiao Tang

Famous Chinese Painting        Leng Jun is a leading figure in contemporary Chinese ultra-realistic painting school. He graduated from Wuhan Normal University's art department and taught at the Normal College for many years after graduation. In 1991, he became a professional painter at the Wuhan Academy of Fine Arts. He is now the vice president of the Wuhan Academy of Fine Arts, vice chairman of the Hubei Wenlian University, and a national first-rate artist. His works have won numerous awards at the National Art Exhibition. He is a representative figure of the Chinese contemporary ultra-realistic painting school. Painting technique is profound and superb in technology, and is hailed as China's first super-realistic master.
        Leng Jun's oil paintings are unique in today's Chinese painting circles with their unique ideas combined with extraordinary artistic skills. He greatest feature is his radicalized reality. The viewers were impressed with the images and techniques of their pictures before they were drawn. The objects on the screen are really tangible, and it's not only that they are set in the air. Not only that, due to the influx of contemporary themes and contents, the viewer’s spirit is also fully tensioned, and the soul is strongly shaken!
        His oil paintings are unique in today's Chinese art circles with their unique ideas combined with superb realistic art skills, reaching the slightest finish and exquisiteness. His creation is very rigorous, only one painting a year. This portrait, model named Xiao Tang, is an outside working girl. Leng Jun decided to paint her after seeing the waiter's eyes bright when he was eating with a friend at a restaurant on Hankou Station Road. Xiao Tang was also skeptical. Later, when accompanied by her sister, she “inspected” the studio of the Lengjun and agreed to be his model. After communication and adjustment,  really started to draw strokes, it was two years later.
        Xiao Tang in the oil painting “Portrait of Portrait” is pure, sweet and charming. The skin is radiant and moist, the eyes are so brilliant, and the artist's hair, drawn out with extremely detailed lines, is dark and dense. Bring out a pure, delicate pink face. The natural redness on the lips is very harmonious with the complexion of the face. Just like the real skin, the traces of painting methods are completely invisible. It seems to be a high-resolution enlarged photo, however, this is actually done by artist Leng Jun hand-painted with oil paints one by one.
        All art always has its basic elements. The so-called immortal classics, the same is composed of these indispensable elements.


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