Forest Singer - Hirschkin

The oil painting “The morning of the pine forest” is one of Hirschkin’s masterpieces. It reveals the mysterious and deep artistic conception in the forest, make people feel immersive and relaxed. This oil painting brings us into a very beautiful poetic realm: in the morning, the golden sun shines through the fog towards the forest. The fresh and moist air soaks the jungle. The lush, upright pine branches are full of vigor and vitality. It shows the infinite vitality of nature. In the embrace of nature, you seem to be able to breathe this luscious fresh air as much as you can. You can almost exclaim with excitement and listen to your own echoes that linger in the woods. In this tranquil and peaceful environment, several lively and lovely bears, led by mother bears, came to play in the forest. They climbed on a broken tree trunk and teased with each other. It seems that they practice their skills in independent life. The depiction of this vivid detail makes the whole picture produce the artistic effect of the combination of movement and static. At the same time, it also enhances the immersive realism of the viewer.

forest painting

In terms of artistic expression, this painting is unique and impressive. Although the vast pine forests are full of images, they are clearly arranged, and they are clearly distinguished from each other. They make the picture more vivid and not chaotic. They are dense and unstoppable, giving people the feeling of being sparse, open and far-reaching. In particular, the painter's keen observation of nature and superb skillfulness in his paintings made him feel exceptionally natural and affectionate both to the rough trunk, the branches of the leaves, and to the roots of the coils, and to the depiction of the attached moss. No trace of carving. Light plays a pivotal role in this landscape. The sunlight brings life's tremors to the picture. It leaves through branches and leaves, leaving a lace-like shadow on the tree, contrasting with the thick shadows on the ground. The fog rising from the depths of the jungle was painted just fine enough to make the picture clear and to give the pine forest an unpredictable meaning. The picture is fresh, bright, subtle, and rich. It is full of vigor and vitality, and it expresses the artist's deep love for nature.

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