Female Artist - Mary Cassatt

As an outstanding impressionist painter, Mary Cassatt (1844–1926) was generally considered one of the most famous female painters in history. As an American woman living in Paris, Cassat took a place in the male-dominated art movement, challenging the expectations of gender in the 19th century and paving the way for future female artists.

In addition to admiring her paintings, understanding her artistic background is equally important to recognizing her role in impressionism and modern art . Although Cassatt's most famous works were born after her fame, her dream of becoming an artist has germinated in her childhood.

The experience of traveling abroad during childhood inspired Cassatt’s interest in art. In the 1850s, Cassatt spent many years in Germany and France where she studied language subtly and gradually became fascinated with painting. After returning to Philadelphia, she was admitted to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts where she began her systematic painting study.

Although Cassatt’s parents supported her interest in art, like many parents at the time, they did not think this was a suitable career for women. However, she continued to study art until 1865 when she became bored with restrictions on female students. A year later, she went to Paris, France, where she made her career mature.

Cassatt has his own style. Her oil paintings and chalk drawings are characterized by bright colors. His oil paintings have loose brushwork, while chalk paintings are colorful and experimental, and it is said that this was inspired by Degas' use of chalk.

Although Cassatt’s style is famous, she is best known for her themes. Her chalk paintings and paintings are based on mothers and children, depicting their quiet days in daily life. “Barefooted Children”, “Party on Board”, and “Bathing” all showed her interest in portraiture. It seems to come from her intuition.


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