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Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall is a Belarusian French artist, printmaker and designer. Chagall's work is not based on the logic of painting, but combine images from personal experience with formal symbols and aesthetic factors.

Chagall has been working almost all the way until the last moment of his life. His oil paintings are colorful and unique. He often incorporates Jewish folklore into his works and draws material from the innocent and earthy image of nature . Marc Chagall is a painter who pursues innocence, from the Jewish residents of the Russian countryside to Paris.

Chagall's paintings mainly represent the life of Russian Jews. He himself has also maintained close contact with Jewish culture and religion. Chagall said: "If I were a Jew, then I would never be a painter. I might be a completely different person than I am today... The only requirement in my life is not to try to approach the world's masters of art. It is an effort to approach the spirit of my father and grandparents."

In 1914, Marc Chagall decided to go to the United States at the invitation of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He painfully watched the events that took place in Europe. His style of painting changed greatly in the cries of his ethnically painful and threatened freedom. In September 1944, Marc Chagall’s wife, Pala Chagall, passed away. As a result, his strong memories of past and more distant periods permeated his works, making the artist like a figure in the painting and surpassing life with extraordinary skill.

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