Early History of Painting

        Literally, the art of painting is the process of applying color to a supporting surface such as paper, wood, glass or canvas. In the artistic sense, painting means using this color to create an image or expression, expressing and recording various intentions and themes according to the wishes of the artist. Since each artist has an infinite interpretation of the painting, it is time to look at the beginning of the painting - which reveals why painting is an integral part of human art and culture.

Painting History

        The oldest painting in the world comes from the Grotte Chauvet caves in France, believed to be about 32,000 years old. Painting begins with a carved image of the rock surface and is then painted in color - Carefully place red ocher and melanin to create images of horse, buffalo, lion, mammoth, rhino, and even human image hunts.        

        Interestingly, the cave in France is not the only place where cave painting was found - people are independent, they come up with the idea of ​​creating color images to show what is important to them and to learn and understand for others. Other cave paintings have been found in different parts of Australia, Spain, Portugal, India and even China. Of course, there are many reasons why people decide to draw lots. One of the most popular theories is to create pictures as a means of "catching" animal spirits.

        In this sense, hunters or warriors draw the image of the animals they want to hunt and kill, and by capturing pictures of the animals, they believe they have essentially "captured" the animal's spirit and condemned their fate - or At least make them easier to catch up! Other ideas have focused on the simpler concept that early humans simply hoped to pay tribute to the natural environment, whether they were loyal to nature's gods or admiring the beauty of the surroundings. This idea also leaves the scientific assumption that all people have the natural desire to express themselves, just as modern society is represented by those who express themselves through painting, architecture or sewing. The same basic pattern!

        In any case, there is no doubt that one needs to create and express one's self, which is clearly desire-driven by expression-to capture images from the earliest sources of human history and to present them in various colors and patterns. Therefore, painting is part of the essence of human nature, it is to appreciate the beauty, but to express in the form of the visual.


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