The Differences of Oil Paintings, Watercolors and Gouache Paintings

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  • 2018-06-21
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Famous Painting        Style: bright and colorful oil paintings, fresh and bright watercolor, gouache is beautiful.

        The use of different materials, techniques are much the same, mainly in the performance of the screen, the production process and preservation of differences, the following specific introduction:

        Oil painting: It is a kind of painting on the linen, cardboard or wooden board made with quick-drying vegetable oil (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) Thinners used for painting are volatile turpentine oil and dry linseed oil. The paint attached to the screen has a strong hardness. When the screen is dry, it can maintain its luster for a long period of time. Relying on the hiding power and transparency of the pigment, the object is depicted more fully, with rich colors and strong three-dimensional texture. Oil painting is one of the main types of Western painting.

        Watercolour: It is a painting method that uses water and transparent paint to paint. It is called watercolour for short. Because the color is transparent, one layer of color can cover another layer, which can produce special effects, but too much or too much harmonic color can make the color dirty. Because it is dry quickly, watercolors are not suitable for making large-scale works. It is suitable for creating fresh and bright small paintings such as scenery.

        Gouache: A painting created using water-mixed silt pigments. Its performance characteristics are between opaque and semi-transparent, and the colors can produce bright, soft, bright, bright and other artistic effects on the screen. Containing powder has certain restrictions on the smooth movement of water. When the gouache is wet, the saturation of the color is high, and after drying, the saturation and the degree of saturation are greatly reduced due to the action of the powder and the color, which is the limitation of its color purity. Learning gouache can be a good understanding of color, a new understanding of the transparency of the color, in the process of learning gouache can learn how to color, to further understand the importance of color to gouache.


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