The Difference Between Handmade and Printed Paintings

        In recent years, new print oil paintings (coloring paintings) have emerged, and the impact on traditional hand-painted oil paintings is also relatively large. However, for ordinary buyers, it is still difficult to distinguish. In the long run, it will definitely affect people’s willingness to purchase oil paintings. For the entire industry, Development is unfavorable. What is the difference between pure hand-painted oil painting and printing and coloring oil painting?

Pure Hand-painted Oil Painting         1, directly printed on the canvas: it is very intuitive to be able to see it, the color is not bright enough, with a painted on the fade, usually two months began to fade!
        2, pure hand-drawn: the screen has an artificial brush touch, in the light from the back of the canvas, the edge of the object in the screen is generally not too neat, a little place feels light, the thickness of the uneven reason, the main is: with your fingers There is no color on the finger when rubbed with a little water in the dark color of the screen. White paper is also acceptable because the oil paint is oily and insoluble in water.
        3, coloring pictures (printed on the canvas, hand-covered with oil paint one or two times): This picture is generally 6 months after the beginning of a slight discoloration, a long time the discoloration is even more powerful, because of the late oil paints and printing color Mixed to some extent, this kind of painting is currently more, there is almost no difference between appearance and pure hand painting, the screen also has a sense of touch, but through the light from the back of the oil painting, the contrast of the black and white border of the screen object is relatively neat , The main thing is: Use your fingers to stick a little water and rub it in the dark color of the screen. After the finger is rubbed, there will be a sense of color on the fingers. It is more obvious with white paper. Secondly, if the color-filling picture is a white flat cloth, the canvas has a layer of glue on the edge of the canvas and it appears shiny. All the color paintings will have a boundary at a distance of about one centimeter from the edge of the screen. This is the screen that was printed at the time of printing. It will be covered by manual filling, but there will still be a trace around the screen, but there are only a few Printed objects do not print backgrounds. On the back of such a glossy light, you can see very beautiful prints (original), and the overall thickness of the picture is relatively even. On the back of the hand-painted painting, you can only see the relatively unsightly appearance of hand-dyeing.


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