Dance Lesson - Degas

The oil painting "Dance Lesson" depicts scenes where some dance actresses danced under the instruction of ballet teacher Pero. In this "Dance lesson", Degas chose a view point towards the corner of a hall surrounded by a green wall, increasing the perspective of space. He also used the corner of the ceiling to cut off and seal the edges of the screen. This composition is very novel. Some dance actresses practiced dancing under the guidance of a ballet teacher. The teacher stood in the middle of the ground, with a long crutch in his hand, and the other crowded students were watching while resting. Looking from the back of the person's back, there are two actresses in the first row waiting for their turn to dance. They hold a fan in one hand and the other sits on a piano and wriggles around. Scratching on it. The graceful posture of the ballerina who is dancing in the painting contrasts with the indecent movements of the actress who are waiting to dance. The seriousness of the teacher highlights the elegance and sex of the prostitutes. The silhouette of the ballerina who is practicing dance seems to decompose a series of illusionary dance movements. The bright colors of the yellow, green, red and blue ribbons make the skirt look more white. Degas performed a lot of works on ballet scenes and earned him the reputation as a “dance and actress painter”.

ballet dance

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