Da Vinci Portrait Works

Famous Painting

        This exquisite portrait portrays Cecelia Galleneni, a noble woman with a quiet appearance. She is the mistress of the Duke of Portugal’s Duke Sovera and is well-loved. The painter uses light and shadows to bring out the elegant head and delicate face of Chekelia. The color of her hair is bright and the life is vivid. Bai Xie took his symbolic significance here and became his personal incarnation. Leonardo da Vinci's portraittruly have the shape and spirit and are respected by the world.

        Charleneni, 17, was the most beloved woman of Milan Grand Prix. He keenly captured the dynamics of her turn, turning her amorous moment into an eternal, meticulous depiction of the texture of her face. The marble sculpture is as exquisite as it is vivid; what is interesting is that the pet that she is playing with in her arms is the symbol of the Dagong crest, and I do not know what the feeling of Dagong afterwards was.

        The treatment of light and shade is the most striking part of this portrait. Light and shadows bring out the elegant head and delicate face of Cecilian.

        Leonardo da Vinci constantly tries to illuminate the theory of the light source that illuminates the faces of the people in the room. He uses the shading (light and shadow balance) to create the illusion of indirect lighting. Indirect lighting is the use of walls or screens to reflect light. This theory is considered very modern and coincides with the methods used by photographers today.


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