Chinese Landscape Painting

Traditional painting1.Chinese landscape painting introduction
    Chinese landscape painting is the most massive precipitation in Chinese human feelings. Traveling to play the continent's cultural awareness of water, mountains and Germany, water as the inherent cultivation of consciousness, close to the horizon of illusion of consciousness, has become a landscape interpretation of the axis of the main line. From landscape painting, we can appreciate the artistic conception, style, charm and tone of Chinese painting. No other painting can give more emotion to the people like landscape painting. If you talk about arguing with others, landscape painting is the heritage of the nation, the classical emboldened, my image, human nature.
2.Chinese landscape history
    Chinese landscape painting than the Western landscape, at least as early as 1000 years. The meaning it presents is actually a history of Chinese thought. As early as 7,000 years ago, the ancient awakening was recorded in a pattern. Neolithic culture of Hemudu has been engraved with lines to express the connotation of the concept of culture, settle the origin of farming civilization, not only make people aware of the beauty of tools, but also allow people to recognize the metaphysics. Art is not only a conquest of nature's imagination, but also a symbol of conquering the natural imagination. Pre-ancient and natural arts began with the way of living, logic and artistic appreciation of the appreciation of people's eyes, so that a combination of nature and man-made Chinese from chaos to clear.
    Since Yangshao culture, the relationship between man and nature has become symbolic. In the way of geometric decoration, the concepts of symmetry and movement have been obviously applied to the representation of space-time. Particularly touching is the "God of God worship map." On the background of establishing a country with agriculture, the sacrificial offering of God of God has been a success. And this picture of Wo, Tian, ​​human relations convey the ancestors of the meaning of life a simple understanding. On the basis of understanding the natural relationship between man and animals and plants, social awareness has become the most crucial civilized origin. The "village map" of Cangyuan culture records the human understanding of the "home" of farming settlements in the form of petroglyphs. The most interesting aspect of the painting is the village-centered road connection, as well as the deepening of the gradient around the front center of the scenes such as prisoners of war, animals, sacrificial days, and dedication. The depth in the plane has been greatly enhanced in this painting The embodiment. The relationship between man and nature, the relationship between man and society, so along with the art of view, continue to deepen and develop.


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