Appreciation of The Final Trial

                This painting is another great creation that Michelangelo performed in the same church after completing the Zenith painting in the Sistine Chapel for 25 years. At the age of 61, the painter spent nearly six years from the end of 1535 to the end of October 1511, and painted hundreds of life-size naked groups on the large wall behind the altar of nearly 200 square meters. This painting has historically been called an encyclopedia of human anatomy by art historians. Michelangelo had an extremely intensive study of human anatomy. For this reason, he personally dissected dozens of bodies, studied the muscles and bones of the human body in detail, and reached a level that severely affected appetite. In this painting, the old man sitting in the center of Jesus' bottom right holds a human skin in his hand. The human skin is the author's own. The author intended to paint it.
         This magnificent "Last Judgment" embodies the artist's humanistic ideology. He uses justice to punish all evils. "Doomsday" means the total collapse of human tragedies. The painter used Superman's courage to display all of his naked images. This once again confirmed that he dared to affirm the meaning of people. The Christ in the painting is expressed by the painter as the god of revenge. He had saved the world, but he rejected him on earth. There is no mercy for the judgment of the earthly Christ. There is only justice, majesty, and supreme power. Next to Jesus is the Virgin Mary, who does not dare to face this tragic "end of the world." For this kind woman, it is terrible. The murals have a strong artistic appeal. The exposed human body is contrasted with the gray-blue tone of the sky, making the picture full of dramatic tension.
        This is a grand and magnificent picture. At first glance, it seems that there is a sense of chaos. In a closer view, the figures are in an orderly manner. The artist has shaped more than 200 life-size, Lux-like giants. The whole painting took Jesus as the visual center, formed a visual symmetry, balanced and harmonious tactics. The combination of characters formed a whirlpool, as if the people rolled up the cloak. Some of these characters have names and surnames, and some refer to a certain social class. The artist, with the courage of Superman, is all represented in nakedness. He is naked and naked and faces God. It expresses the painter's sinless revelation and whipping of the sin of reality, and the judgment of the dark society and the corrupt ruler, sounding justice. We can see from the shaping of the characters in his paintings that the characters and plots he paints are entirely the people and things in the time when the painter lived and the social life he experienced, good and evil, truth and beauty.


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