Painting tools

        It can be said that any kind of painting and painting cannot be produced out of thin air. They are actually a means for mankind to use a special material or medium to express their inner world. They are only artists of different ages and regions. According to their environment and their own needs, they used different painting tools and materials to find a certain optimal point of contact, so that a new art form and style could be born and gradually developed in the long years to come. , and was recorded in history.

        The history of 500-year oil paintings also proves this point. When we look back at the dust of history and look back at the history of the development of oil painting art, we may be surprised to find that what we all know today about painting art is so different from what is recorded in ancient literature. The oil painting art that has emerged countless masterpiece treasures in the past few hundred years is actually used to draw out tools, materials, and painting techniques that have been forgotten by people today. This makes us feel like we have returned to a long lost time. world.

        The reason why we call this type of painting born in the European continent after the 15th century as oil painting is, as its name implies, defined according to its basic characteristics. First of all, the pigment used in this painting must be formulated with a certain oil as a blending agent. To apply this viscous colorant to the canvas, the painting tools with different functions are indispensable. of.

        People can clearly see from the history of the development of oil paintings for hundreds of years that what kind of tools to use for painting is an extremely important condition for determining what kind of artistic effects and standards a work of art can achieve. It can be said that different painters in different historical periods have their own different hobbies and feelings about what kind of painting tools to use and how to use painting tools. (Some painters who have more individualized tendencies choose painting tools often, and they often resort to unreasonable means. Can achieve all-pervasive point). However, if we roughly classify these tools into classical oil painting and modern oil painting, I am afraid that there will be no major mistakes. Understand the evolution of the painting tools in these two different historical periods. This will give us a certain degree of certainty for everyone who learns oil painting art today when they explore different styles, especially their own future art. Helpful reference and enlightenment.


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