All Life of Vincent Willem Van Gogh—Birth and Childhood(2)

August 1873, an old colleague who thought he was tired of the world came to see him. Because of his increasingly withdrawn personality, he did not like London very much. He personally thought that the London situation meant that his self-confidence was precarious, his sense of inferiority grows day by day, the language keeps him from being social and the money deepens his sense of guilt. Every time he went to a new place he must get the boss's family to exchange welcome, living in London at 87 Bickford Heikefude Road where let him find a new sense of belonging, and supported he decided to muster the courage to win the home position, but first of all, Vincent is done to let elder sister Anna live in London with him, and found a job for the elder sister in London. and wrote letters that made Anna feel imagination. Anna thought he has something to do with the landlord's daughter. On August 15, Vincent moved into a new apartment. Because of Anna's reason, Vincent was angry and did not send a letter home. Although he was not sociable, he was eager to engage with others. He was afraid that he would sink again, so he began a communication with a married bride, Carolyn Hannibal whom he had known before, but later he rejected the girl who had loved him. August to October, not more than two months sent a letter home. It was learned in October that he was to be transferred to France and the whole family knew he did not know it. He went to Paris without any contact with his luggage just for angry.

In November 1873, Theo was transferred to The Hague, and everyone thought that Theo was better than his elder brother. From the winter of 1874 to the fall of 1875, he was studying the historical material of 1789. and He also read Charles Dickens's Twins. At the end of 1874, he began to study the French Revolution, in 1875, he sent a book "Life of Jesus" to his brother Theodore. In the end of 1874, he began to study the French Revolution as the background of the oil painting.

In February 1875 Father's birthday, Vincent sent a lot of money for family members to take pictures for family collection. In March 1875, an "aesthetic war" broke out in Paris. Renoir, Monet and others planned to auction the works at the Drouot Paris auction center which arousing the outrage of conservatives. A lot people the painting which painted by Monet is not worth money. 2 months later, Vincent arrived in Paris, and went to another branch of the studio that would pass through Renoir and Monet. Vincent lived here, but he were not at interested t all. even he didn't know what impressionism is. Because he met religion. Vincent always alone in the pilgrims, Charles Harden Spitz really sermon Vincent appetite, he lived near Kennington Road at this time, in addition to, one thing was listen to preaching and the other was reading. he urgent want to find faith. so he read poetry, most of the philosophical books, as well as nature manuals, struggle history, and works by George Eliot. On October 26, 1875, he was relocated to France. in March 1876, he left Gurbier because of the inability to monitor his family and his superiors; and received prints engraved on the basis of Miller's "evening prayer." April in Ramsgate, he became a teacher at England.

In July 1876, he worked as a teaching assistant in Islayas, besides he was an assistant pastor. to Amsterdam in May, he went to Amsterdam to live with his uncle, to study actively for theological seminary, studying Latin and Greek is difficult but never give up, he was not interested in math and geometry, but he was not sloppy. He don't like the painting of Jeanleon Jerome (1824-1904), because he thought that the painted was not spirituality.

He don't like the painting of Jeanleon Jerome (1824-1904), because he thought that the painted was not spirituality. In 1879, because of his enthusiasm for work, he was kicked out of church. This tragic experience has given him a mark. In the late summer of 1879, Kay planned to live with Edinson's Reverend Mansion and Vincent's family. In order to regain his family's approval, Vincent thought he must have a wife. In July, before Kevin arrived, Vincent and his younger brother had discussed their own decisions and had to have a home. At this time he read many of the Victorian texts on love.

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