Oil Painting "Swinging Girl"—Pierre Auguste Renoir

Pierre Auguste Renoir is a famous French painter, at the beginning, he is closely associated with Impressionism movement. His early works are typical of impressionist works which record real life and all his art is full of dazzling brilliance. However, by the mid-1880, she split from the impressionists and turned to his more rigorous and formal painting techniques in portraits, especially in portraits of women.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Among all Impressionist painters, Pierre-Auguste Renoir is perhaps the most popular because his paintings are beautiful children, flowers, beautiful scenery, especially cute women. These will immediately attract people. Renoir directly expressed the pleasing feeling they had received from them on the canvas. He once said: "Why art can not be beautiful? There are enough ugly things in the world." He is also an admirer of the female image and said, "Only when I feel able to touch people in the painting, I have finished my body portrait. "
The oil painting "Swinging" depicts a clear autumn, the ground covered with thick layers of leaves. The sun shines through the trees, warm. The gentleman whose face is back was said something, and the girl listening to him carefully, the little boy and the bearded man listening intently too. Maybe the man only worried about the girls falling from the swinging when playing swing. Oil painting swing girl

Pierre-Auguste Renoir can enjoy the action of the happy crowd, but also he intoxicated with beautiful festivals. He wanted to show a bright color and he is also studying the effect of sunlight on the crowd. The picture appears "sketched," it seems that has not yet been completed. Only the heads of some of the characters in the foreground show some detail, there is drew with its daring approach. These are the people which we focus on. Go to the distance, the image is more and more hidden in the sun and the air. After more than a century, we now hardly understanding why the paintings at the time caused such a ridicule and indignation. We can be aware that this sketching is a lack of vitality. The impressionist knows that the human eye is a fantastic tool, and given it the right hint, it gives you the entire shape that it knows to exist.

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