All Life of Vincent Willem Van Gogh—Birth and Childhood

Vincent Willem Van Gogh (1853-1890) who also known as Van Gogh or Van Gogh is a post-impressionist painter in the Netherlands. He born into a protestant pastor family. Besides, he was a pioneer of Impressionism and deeply influenced the art of the twentieth century, especially Fauvism and Expressionism.

At early, he was influenced by the Dutch painter-Matisse Marius, so his work is mostly gray until he moved to Paris to live with his brother. Later, he touched the painters who shocked the whole Parisian art scene and his style was gradually influenced by the impressionist painters. Later, After long-term sketches in the wild, his paintings gradually became gray with bright colors. After his death, his work "Starry Night Over the Rhone", "Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers" and "Wheatfield with Crows" have become among the most famous and most precious works of art in the world. Now his works are mainly collected in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and Outlaw's national Kro-Miller art management

Vincent Willem Van Gogh     Name:Van Gogh     School:Tilburg School
    Nationality:Netherlands     Works:Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers
    Birthday:March 30, 1853     Faction:Impressionism
    Date of death:July 29, 1890     Blood type:AB

Born in the Netherlands

His parents were soon married on May 21. 1851, just because no one would be able to get married with them if they were not married. His father believed in a Protestant pastor which was not friendly with the Catholic, besides his mother later said, she was worried about the future of the marriage.March 30, 1853 Vincent was born in the pastor's residence in Brabant which in the southern part of the country. and his birthday was the death day of his brother who died at birth.May 1, 1857, Vincent's life friend, but also his only friend, his brother Theo Van Gogh was born.In mid-1859, Van Gogh was sent to Zinder's public school because of his loneliness. Just for the poor learning environment in the school, Van Gogh became rebellious, at the end of October 1861, he dropped out school.

In February 1864, Vincent drew a sketch called "The Barn and the Farmhouse," which was created on the birthday of his father. Later, his parents invited tutoring and training at home for three years. In 1861, his mother could not stand Vincent who did not speak. He sent him directly to the boarding school far away from home. Vincent stayed here for two year. (1864-1866)

On September 3, 1866, his parents transferred Vincent who does not speak to Tilburg School. Vincent, unlike other children, though he said he did not learn anything at school, he was still admitted to the first year of his class with honors. In July 1867, Vincent ranked fourth, he succeed rose to second grade. Second-year homestay in a couple home, Tilburg is 20 miles from the house. In March 1868, two months before the end of the semester, Vincent ran away with her luggage to go home. He did not like the shackles, and for the next 16 months he refused his uncle's job and chose to stay in the vast wilderness.

In 1870, Vincent took a year and a half here, the boss is HG TestiGen, Vincent took him as a goal, and in 1870 because the most powerful uncle was sick, Vincent's boss is not Like him, and then he was suppressed by a variety of "gossip." In November, Vincent's family moved to Hervat's Priest's mansion. In February 1871, Vincent said goodbye to Zinder. August 1872, his brother came to see him, Later, Vincent began communication with his brother.

In 1873, there was an economic crisis in the Rev.Hervat's Reverend Mansion, His father let his brother Theo who like study left School to help him. In early January 1873, Theo worked at Goupier in the Brussels branch. By the end of January 1873, his superior advised Vincent to be transferred to the Gulpir London branch. The whole family knew that he was to be transferred in advance, except he did not know it. Vincent was unfortunately drawn to military service at this time, his father took 625 Florin let others replace him. He watch a lot of paintings and his favorite works when he passed Paris and stayed for a few days. In London he must go out at 6:30 in the morning, walk the Thames pier, and take a one-hour steamship and then through the crowded streets to reach the London branch. There are three roommates who are German and live near Greenwich. It was time to start catered to the family, sometimes drawing a few paintings as proof that he "was alive" and liked George Bowden. Carl Abach, a new London boss has been around for a short trip with him. He hate black and white painting, disgusting British art bleak painting method, this time has participated in the Royal Academy of Arts summer show but only the Belgian painter drew Dutch landscape painting like, because reminded him of his favorite Barbies School Style, but he was still homesick every day in London. And he was very introverted because of poor English. One day he met George Bowden whom he admired very much, but he didn't have courage to talk with him, because his english is not good, but his German speaks very well.

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