How to Buy Oil Paintings Online

(1)Decide in which room and on which wall you wish to hang the oil painting.
(2)You can decide upon the subject depending upon the character and décor of your room. For instance, a spacious living room with an adequate floor area and wide walls done in pastel shades would look classy with an expansive landscape. For your study which is lined with bookshelves with not too much empty wall space, you can pick an interesting still life or portrait and so on.
(3)Decide whether you want to buy an oil painting of a particular genre or a particular piece by a certain artist.
(4)Decide on the material of the painting. Make up your mind whether you want to have an oil painting done on canvas or on paper and browse the online art galleries accordingly.
(5) Measure and note down the approximate size of the space where you have decided to hang the painting.
(6)Browse the gallery and check the paintings in their largest size to get an idea of the actual size.
(7) Keep the resolution of your computer screen at the maximum setting when checking out oil paintings in an online art gallery.
(8)Fix your budget. It will help you save time and target the paintings which fit into your budget.
(9)Determine whether you want to buy framed artwork or unframed. For unframed paintings, shipping charges are relatively lower.
(10)Read the policy documents such as privacy policy and terms and conditions of the online art gallery carefully. Check out the shipping rates, insurance and the return and refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the oil painting.
(11) Check out the payment options and which credit cards and debit cards the online art gallery accepts. Check how long the shipping would take.

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