Daniel in the Lion Pit

    During the Reformation, in response to the rise of Protestantism, the Catholic Church celebrated the role of early Christian martyrs in inspiring religious followers of loyal followers. Only experienced a similar abyss of despair, individuals can truly appreciate the extent of Christ's suffering. Through personal beliefs, strength, determination and endurance, Daniel provided a positive example for the martyrs who were severely persecuted.

Reformation Painting    Peter Paul Rubens, one of the greatest masters of the seventeenth century and a devout Catholic, intelligently combined realism with drama, provoking a strong emotional response. For example, some lions are staring directly at us, suggesting that we share their space and experience the same threats as Daniel. Rubens uses realistic realism to portray their distance from real people, thereby proposing this immediacy. Lions lifeline and exquisite fur were directly observed and portrayed by Rubens of the Royal Zoo in Brussels. The dramatic lighting and exaggerated emotions of Daniel's prayer gesture add to the authenticity. This magnificent and vivid image is undoubtedly Rubens's return to Antwerp in 1609 from Italy to its harvest, becoming one of the most memorable artistic achievements of pastor court painters twelve years after the truce. South Holland, Grand Duke Albert and Grand Duke Sacra.

    Around 1600, Rubens received classical thought and philosophical training from Antwerp to Italy, not only from ancient and Renaissance artistic traditions, including works by Raphael and Michelangelo, but also by other contemporary artists Art tradition. Inspired by this multi-faceted exposure, he profoundly influenced his style of painting as the basis for his future work. For example, the lifelike character of lions reflects Ruben's personal observation of these noble animals, and his position is based on ancient sculptures that he saw in Italy. Rubens in the "legend of the lion" in a drastic and bold way to European artist Daniel had a lasting impact.


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