Be Kind — Starting from Yourself

    As an artist, knowing how to criticize yourself and your drawing skills is good - the key is how to criticize yourself.

    When you learn to draw, this "criticism" does not work: "This is a horrible painting. I never knew what to do.

    To be frank, this is not criticism, but self-exclusion. If you do not say these words to friends, artists and even enemies, why use it to attack yourself?

    On the contrary, this is not a valid criticism: "I'm great! Everything I do is far superior to what I have seen, and I do not understand why I am not an artist on the Oprah network.

    Although self-esteem is a good thing, arrogance is confidence in steroids that will end up with you and your art because if you are already at peak, where are you going?

    So, the best way to evaluate yourself is in extreme situations, perfect for everything in life. Take a closer look at your art of painting - try to define specific pieces that you like and do not like, and why. This can be difficult if you've never really done it before, but it's easier to practice.

    And, since you did it for yourself, it's not like you're writing an English article, but recalling "all you missed." Do it yourself, improve your art, and improve your ability to observe, analyze, and criticize your own work. You are a judge, so be kind and fight for fairness.

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