Paul Cezanne|A basket of apples

Paul Cezanne                A basket of apples, also known as the still-life apple basket, is one of Cézanne’s most representative works. On a rough wooden table, put a tablecloth with apples, wine bottles, baskets and plates on it. Cézanne sought the structure of the body and the face of each apple very seriously. Its color was rigorous and its brushstrokes were thick and strong. When the brush can not reflect the strong texture of color, he used the palette knife directly to thicken directly. In pursuit of the three-dimensionality of the object, he almost divided their volume and area in a passionate manner, focusing on the thickness and three-dimensional depth of the object. The contrast between the picture and the bright fruit is reflected by the white tablecloth. Circular, semicircular, square and prism shapes each other. Arcs, vertical lines, and diagonal lines are interlaced. The symphony of these colors and lines constitutes a unified and harmonious layout, giving people a strong visual stimulus. The viewer has left an unforgettable artistic effect. The color of still life is so simple and so full of vitality. It is not difficult to see from this picture that Cézanne is not unreasonable to be regarded as the “father of modern painting” by later generations.

        Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) was a representative painter of the French post-impressionist school. When he was young, he studied law and loved literature and fine arts. In 1862 he went to Paris to specialize in painting, studied in the Swiss studio, met Pissarro, Manet, Renoir, etc., and was deeply influenced by them. Cezanne thinks that painters should pursue the truth of art, and recombine with nature or objects in an integrated manner. In Cezanne’s opinion, painting is not utilitarian, but only the composition of form, color, rhythm, and space on the screen. Therefore, the artist must “constitute for the sake of composition.” Artists must express their subjective ideas on the canvas and make the paintings. Really become a "work of the soul." The paintings made by Cézanne in the latter part of the year are very distinctive and have a great influence on Picasso's art.


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