Oil Painting Sleeping Venus by Giorgione


    Painting name: "Sleeping Venus"

    About 1510 - 1511 Giorgione, Italy

    108.5cm × 175cm cloth oil color Dresden National Art Collection

    This painting is Giorgione's most successful oil painting, but finished by his friend. The Venus in the painting shows the beauty of the body and nature, and there is no characteristic of the goddess of religion: the Venus, who is asleep under the natural landscape, the body is beautiful and gentle, and the body is symmetrical and stretched with nature. This art deals primarily with the unity of the beauty of the human flesh and the pure mind. This is full of humanistic spirit of the creation of the United States, It is in line with the Renaissance ideal "beauty" model.


    Giorgione is the first true painter of the Venetian School of Painting, the pioneer of the painting. Early years from the founder of the Venetian painting school Bellini, and later developed the teacher's achievements. His composition of the new composition, soft colors, with rich levels of light and shade, scenes and characters with, very harmonious. This painting directly affects the Titanic and the descendants of the Venetian painters. In the Venetian school of painting, Giorgione was the first outstanding painter to enter the golden age. From his masterpiece "sleeping Venus" point of view, it is very clear: the author is by the Venus goddess of the shelter to express an elegant secular taste, a kind of human beauty and harmony of nature and the unity of harmony, A kind of beauty of the United States to the beauty of beauty and artistic beauty. Women are depicted here delicate and specific; posture relaxation and natural; skin full and soft; lines smooth and elegant. This beautiful and harmonious woman body with the background ups and downs of the hills, mountains, villages, houses, canopy, clouds and futuristic folds of the curve, arc, polyline form a harmonious echo and contrast, the screen all the clever Constitute a beautiful, comfortable, quiet visual symphony.

    the scenery of the painting part has not finished because of the unfortunate death of the author (the landscape part of his young wizard to complete) However, from the picture of the composition of consciousness, point of view, his teacher Tianyi can judge - the author Trying to regard nature as an important part of the natural beauty and harmony of the human body. As this painting, the natural state of silence seems to be sleeping into the dream of Venus, I do not know Venus has been incorporated into the embrace of nature or naturally into the Venus dream ... ... This may be Is the original author Giorgione 's intention.

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