Why Do Humans Appreciate Abstract Painting

One of the founders of abstract painting, the Dutch painter Pete Mondrian, is keen to use horizontal and vertical lines and rectangles of various colors in his works. He insisted on his painting principles so much that his friend, the same-style Dutch painter Van Dusseldorf, had to break with Mondrian simply because he used slashes in his paintings.

square art

Mondrian himself emphasized many times that the rectangles in his paintings are not randomly placed. The patterns they form are calm and away from tension. Zieger speculated that Mondrian must have acquired these patterns after many trial and error procedures. "But who is the referee for calm or not?" he asked. He believes that these patterns are not new forms but have already existed in the human brain. "The fact is that these new forms, consisting of a large number of lines, squares and rectangles, can be very good at stimulating cells in the visual cortex, and the characteristics of these cells are precisely the pre-existing 'creativity' in our brains." He wrote in his book.

People can appreciate abstract paintings . “The first thing that matters is that you are approaching a painting in a specific environment, such as a painting exhibition or a museum. This allows you to focus on the aesthetics of the work.” Mel To explain, "That is, secondly, the order or composition of a particular color or other material in the painting seems to be very important. One stroke, or the trace of other human actions, can affect people, such as in 'splashing' you can see that someone is actively doing something. The picture is not generated randomly or mechanically."

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