Whistler | Mom As The Model

Mother is an eternal object of praise in paintings. These delicate portrayal, all full of affection for the author. But the reason they paint their mothers is strange, because the model ran away, due to be forced when father died ... But even so, love still soluble in nibs.
Painter Whistler's most famous portraits are the portraits he painted for his mother. In the portrayal of “Whistler's Mother”, Anna Matilda Whistler, 67, sat sideways with her feet on the footstool, she gazed at the front, it was difficult to speculate what was she thinking. Maybe just quietly thinking of standing in an uncomfortable position for a few days, and now she could finally be allowed to sit down.
However, this is not just a picture. Her son, James McNeill Whistler, was waiting for his model to come to his studio in Chelsea that day. When the model failed to arrive, his mother agreed to sit there instead of the model for him to paint.
It was the mother, not the other, who was willing to sit quietly for her child for hours. In contrast, there are few portraits of fathers drawn by painters, and men are often absent in the family due to their livelihood needs. Of course, posting for his own children to paint is another way of expressing maternal love. Anna Whistler wrote in a letter to her sister: "Wow, I feel really happy when my dear son suddenly cheers, ’Oh, Mom, I've done it, how beautiful it is.‘ Then he kiss me because of that picture. "

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