Wheat field | John Constable

John Constable Art        This painting depicts the golden autumn scenery of the idyllic harvest. In the harvest season, a farmer is busy in the fields. The bright sun shines through the thick clouds and shines on the fertile land. The breeze passes by, the leaves of the old oak tree creak, and a young shepherd boy under the tree is sipping the clear water. The details of the picture are meticulous and realistic, and the colors are rich. The painter has a unique style in terms of pens. He rarely paints the background of the canvas. Instead, the color is directly laid on the canvas with a squeegee, which makes the picture appear innumerable flickering white. It reproduces the natural beauty of the countryside with brilliant colors and tranquil rural scenery.

        John Constable (1776–1837) was a British landscape painter of the 19th century. After studying painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in the early days, he later thought that he was better able to learn from nature than Lintong's classical landscape painting. He has long studied rural scenery in his hometown. The works vividly and vividly represent the ever-changing nature landscape, which is in contrast with the fictionality of the academy. His style of painting has great inspiration for the later innovation of French landscape painting. His works are not very compatible in the United Kingdom, but they are popular in France. Constance was engaged in teaching in his later years. His history of landscape painting was vivid and original. Constell’s real reputation in the UK was after his death. His works include Hay Cart and Wheat Field.


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