What Is Abstract Art?

Modern art may seem difficult to understand, but in fact it exists in all aspects of our life. As long as you look at it, you will find that it has already merged into life. Abstract art was first seen in the works of Russian artist Kandinsky. It is a fusion of various anti-traditional artistic influences, especially evolved from Fauvism and Cubism. The "abstract" art does not exist in Picasso's view. He thinks that only someone emphasizes style and someone emphasizes life. In Michel Seifer's view, abstract art is: "I call all art without any reminders and without any memory of reality (whether or not this reality is the starting point of the painter) the abstract art ." .

In fact, Fauvism and Cubism promoted the independent development of form and color. It was Kandinsky who further discovered its mysteries. In 1910, he painted the first abstract watercolor painting. It was a vivid and overlapping color point with no desire. Kandinsky's creative invention is inspired by the aesthetics of music, and then the Czech Kupka directly from the music to obtain inspiration for abstract art creation.

Kandinsky (1866-1944), 100 years ago, the world's first abstract painting on shelf was born by an accidental "subversion." Kandinsky, a Russian, saw a "unfamiliar" painting in his studio, which was wonderful and spectacular. When he stepped forward, he realized that a picture of himself was turned upside down on the wall, and when it was placed in right position, that kind of exciting picture disappeared. He was inspired by it. The concrete image makes the picture mediocre and unusual, but the abstraction makes the picture full of vividness and beauty. Prior to this, humanity's creation and aesthetics of abstraction also depended on other forms. It was the beginning of Kandinsky, and made the abstract aesthetic the subject of art on the shelf. His abstract painting titled “Improvisation”, created in 1910, is regarded as the first purely abstract piece of human history.

abstract art

You must know that an old man who can see the scenery in the rocking chair for an afternoon sometimes knows more about life than an art student, and is more likely to become an artist because he is not edgy, not utilitarian and slowly swaying there. The beauty of nature can be felt on a long chair, and art comes from a sense of nature and a passion for life.

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