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Monet specializes in light and shadow experiments and performance techniques. His most important style is to change the shading and outline of the painting, in Monet's paintings do not see a very clear shadow, can not see the highlight or flat coated outline. In addition, Monet's using of color is very delicate. He used many paintings with the same theme to experiment with the perfect expression of color and light. Monet has long explored the effects of light color and air, often depicting the same object in different time and light, and expressing the momentary feeling from natural light changes.

lotus pond

“Water Lilies” is the work of Claude Monet, one of the most representative masters of impressionist painting, in his later years. It uses stunning techniques to depict the visual effects of sparkling water stretching in the distance on a vertical plane. Under the master's pen, the leaves are pure green, while the flowers are like dark red flames. The seemingly random color lines are soft and gentle, seeming to make the water flow, and it is like catching the lights and shadows on the surface of the water for a moment. Visitors stood by the picture, just as they stood by the pond.

“Water Lily” has been a symbol of rebirth since ancient times. Perhaps as the painter puts it: “Let the tired nerves rest for a moment on the still water, get stretched; in the middle of the room full of flowers, provide a resting place for floating thoughts.” Therefore, the water lily became the theme painted by the painter in his later years. Since then, Monet has devoted his energies to "Water Lilies" for 27 years. He has continuously engaged in his continuous works and has barely left this theme. When the grand "Water Lilies" was continuously installed on the four walls of a circular hall of the Paris-Francorchamps Museum, the audience suddenly felt a fantasy. People call it "The Sistine Chapel of the Impressionists".

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