Venice Grand Canal | Turner

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  • 2018-05-08
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This painting embodies the unique painting style of Turner. The painting depicts the scenes of the Venice Grand Canal, which are sun-drenched, towering, vast, calm and calm. The depictions of the scenery are accurate and meticulous. The colors are bright and fresh, the style is simple and beautiful, and the entire scene is shrouded in golden brilliance. This shows the busy scene of the canal.

        Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) was an outstanding British landscape painter. From 1788 to 1789, he studied architecture and perspectives. From 1789 he studied at the School of Fine Arts, London Academy of Fine Arts. He has visited Italy many times and visited France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries. In 1802 he was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Fine Arts in London and has been Professor of Perspective Studies since 1807. Although he is long on the architectural map, he is particularly good at landscape painting and is a British landscape painter.

        Turner's creation has revolutionized traditional landscape painting. What he seeks is the spiritual experience brought about by the changes in nature. Some of his landscape paintings are also people or things, but they are all just to present nature. His early works were more realistic, while in the later period he focused on the depiction of light, water, wind, and atmospheric images. He abandoned physical objects and details, leaving only light and color.

        His near-abstract depiction of nature opened the way for the later Impressionists. Inspired artists Monet and Matisse appreciated and studied his works carefully. Sometimes because of the more abstract picture, he often has to mark which side of his work is on, so as not to hang wrong, and he is still very nervous about the height of his work hangs in the exhibition hall, because he always wants to introduce the viewer's sight. To the center of the painting.

        In the later works of Turner, the concrete real shape almost completely disappeared in the gorgeous fog. He became an official member of the Royal Academy of Arts in England in 1802. He was honoured by the State in the St. Paul's Church at the time of his death.


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