Two Dutch Painters

After both Italy and Flanders entered the Renaissance, the wind of the Renaissance also gradually developed into the Netherlands. Just a little later. During this period, many first-rate painters were born.
Dutch painter's style of painting is different from that of Italy and Flanders. People are aware that the Dutch believe in Protestantism. They do not decorate the church as luxuriously as Catholics. Therefore, Dutch painters seldom paint religious themes, so there are very few members of the Virgin Mary or other Sagrada Familia in the painting. What they like best is portraits, landscapes, the lives of ordinary people and things around them.
In the paintings of the painters of Italy and Flanders, the figures in the portraits sit upright and their expressions are quiet. When you see these paintings, you can imagine that the model says that it is for painting purposely sitting there. The Netherlands painters on the portrait view is the opposite, which is their unique portraiture.
There is a Dutch painter named Frans Hals, whose character is not the kind of quiet, restless look. On the contrary, the characters in his paintings are very smart, full of movement, as if they would immediately change face expression, he is good at capturing the instantaneous changes in facial expressions of people, such as a smile, smile, teeth, or frown , He will draw it down immediately.
Frans Hals painting there is a clear characteristic. If you look closely, you will find that there are still brush prints on the screen that seem to have been deliberately left behind, causing people to mistakenly believe that this painting was in a hurry. Do you know the reason? It turns out that when you capture the fleeting expression of people, you have to quickly outline the outline of the expression.
Of course, not all of his paintings are like this, and some paintings are handled carefully. Like the "Smiling Knight", the knit cuff lace in the picture is drawn very fine, the knight's expression seems triumphant.
Hals's famous work is another painting, "Sheila Babe." There is a parrot in the picture, but the parrot looks like an owl, the parrot next to a woman, she does not look good at all, so this painting is also called the "Haarlem's Witch," "Haller Mu "refers to Hals's hometown. From this picture, we can see Hals sketch drawing is very good.
In the days of Hals life, the Netherlands was not strong enough. In order to pursue independence and freedom and not be violated by other countries, the Netherlands trained many civilians. At that time, the gunpowder and pistol had just been invented and the number was still small. Soldiers even soldier soldiers proudly claimed to be "shooters" or "archers." Executives sometimes ask painters to paint group portraits of shooters, and Hals draws portraits of many soldiers.
Although Hals is popular, there is one more popular than Hals, Rembrandt.
Rembrandt is a very good Dutch painting master, his works widely drawn, mostly completed in Amsterdam. If you see his paintings, you will find that there is a special light in his paintings that is neither light nor sunlight, but it perfectly highlights the contrast between light and shade in the painting.
Rembrandt is famous, a long time in his life are painting, it should be profitable. Strangely, he actually did not make enough money, you know why?
First of all, because he loves collecting, a lot of money is used to collect what he likes; second, his paintings are less and less popular, so it is hard to sell any more money.
Rembrandt's "Night Watch" should be said to be one of the best paintings in the world, but at the time, people not only did not like the picture, they even ridiculed it. Do you want to know the reason? At the time, the Amsterdam Guard's club needed a painting, and they paid for Rembrandt to paint.
Rembrandt thought for a long time, drawing up a guard's patrol scene, drawing the captain and adjutant at the forefront, with the remaining members armed with pistols and spears in the back.
The picture is very lively, surrounded by children, followed by a dog behind them. In addition, the characters are extremely contrasting in light, some hidden in the dark night, some in bright light. Since Rembrandt draws light differently than everyone else, many are not sure whether the guard in the picture is at night or on a day trip.
To be fair, this is a rather good painting, but at that time he did not meet the guards mind.
When the guard's team members saw the picture, they all looked depressed. Because they spend Rembrandt, mainly want him to draw a portrait of them, "but in the end we only become the background of the painting, and it is also dark, who do not see who is who.
Because of this, very few people bought Rembrandt's work later.

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