Third Class Carriage|Ollie Dumier

Famous Painting 

      "The Third Class Car" is a subject that the painter has painted many times. In the front row of the picture is a wrinkled old man, a middle-aged woman holding a child, and a sleeping child. Behind them are male and female passengers of different identities, crowded, and the light can only shine in from the small window and shine on the faces of the tired passengers. This is a group of dull, numb expressionless faces, each of whom has different experiences of suffering, but at the moment they share a third-class carriage. The artist strongly revealed the theme of the drawing to the audience with a stable composition, calming color, and powerful lines.

        Ollie Dumier (1808 ~ 1879) is a progressive realist painter in France. Born in Marseille's family of glass workers, he often went to Paris to earn a living with his father. He used to be a bookstore apprentice and cultivated the habit of painting life and memory painting through self-study. Participated in the comic work of the French left-wing newspapers since 1830. The oil paintings are mostly based on the life of the working people and the sellers, and the literary works he likes. They use strong contrasts of light and dark, combined with strong lines to highlight the characters, the style is rough and sultry, and original.


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