The Peacock Art

    Eagle habit of soaring, wonderful singing canary, peacock colorful posture clearly aroused people's attention.

    Maybe you have a peacock feather vase in your house. Maybe you saw Katy Perry's feather singing "Peacock" on the Letterman Show. Or, like sculptor Rikki Morley Saunders, his bronze pieces will welcome visitors to the museum and treat peacocks as pets.

    However, most of us have seen this pheasant, grouse and turkey relatives on pretty lawns, ornate clothing and some television shows. It is a native species of the Indian jungle and is added to the myths of the Bible, Greece and Rome. But its importance is more intuitive than literature, fitting its intense colors (vivid blue body, emerald, green, turquoise spotted tail) and dramatic forms (slender neck and head plus a subtle crest swelling The body and those incredible feathers, sometimes drooping trains, sometimes spread stiff, filigree fans).

Peacock Painting

    Christopher Della The 1890s vases were designed to preserve the beauty of peacock feathers. Painted peacock victorian lover white goose feather decoration. Around 1930, Jessie Arms Botke's "Albino Peacock" and "Two Parrots" boldly displayed transparent white feathers, bird's leaves and flowers.

    Even if it is not the focus of the artist's attention, the peacock presents again and again abstract decorative patterns. It shows pottery, wallpaper, binding, wallets and fabrics, all of which are leaves and circles that mimic the unique feathers of birds. In the vase at the turn of the century, Galileo turned the eye of feathers into a rhythmic geometry.

    In addition to the attractiveness of graphics, the connection between peacock and charm, novelty and pride also make marketers irresistible.

    When you see a picture of a peacock, it is strange but interesting to see people staring at a peacock.


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Do you know La Pompeiana in Giuseppe Boschetto? I like that painting.

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