The Most Talented Painter in Russia| Nikolai Fechin

In 1926, when the great Russian painter Iliya Yevmovich Repin was answering the question: who was the most talented painter of the day, he said heartily: " Fechin!". Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin, Russian-American painter, born in Kazan, Russia's wood carver artist family. Fechin is a distinguished artist and the sketches grandmaster in twentieth century. His writings combine the traditional culture of Russia and the United States. His major achievements were in portraits . Fechin 's paintings are based on direct painting method, the canvas foundation was well done. The cloth absorbs the oil so strongly that the painting can dry faster. Fechin always draw sketches firstly, and then doing the color and draft layout, confirmed and then made into huge paintings. This strict painting process comes from the traditional Repin Academy of Fine Arts. He is very good at using the knife shaving and large touch combination of artistic expression.

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His sketches are influenced by the traditional oriental paintings. The sketches are made of charcoal strokes on solid smooth paper. Fichin is good at portraits and the custom theme creation. His style is bold and smooth, his works sometimes have a strong accumulation of color, while sometimes gently brushed to leave the background; sometimes uesd with a scraper and hand instead of a pen; so that the picture has a different texture effect, to form a loud and saturated color in the whole picture. His works are contrast and especially attractive, as if a symphony of colors. Fichin in the United States finished his art road. Out of the national tradition and away from homeland, is undoubtedly a tragedy for hime, but his artistic achievements in the history of Russian art has an indelible position.

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