The Coronation of Napoleon I

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The oil painting "The Coronation of Napoleon I" was a masterpiece of the artist's faithful recording of the king's coronation ceremony held on December 2, 1804 in Notre-Dame de Paris. In order to consolidate the throne, the emperor was extremely arrogant to allow Pope Pius VII personally to come to Paris to crown him. The purpose was to use the Pope's great religious appeal to allow the French and even the European people to recognize his "legitimate status." At the time of the coronation, Napoleon refused to kneel before the Pope to add Refuge VII. Instead, he took the crown and put it on himself. In order to avoid this fact, Davit took great pains to choose the second half of the emperor to crown the emperor. In this way, the central position of Napoleon was highlighted on the canvas (Napoleon stood up and crowned the queen), and did not embarrass the pope. Napoleon, wearing a purple velvet and a magnificent splendid mantle, had put on his crown. His hands were holding a small crown and he was about to wear the head of Queen Josephine, who was kneeling before him. The purple velvet cloak behind Josephine was carried by two aristocratic women. Behind Pope Napoleon was seated Pope Pius VII. He sat idly and defaulted. The entire imposing manner is very solemn, with as many as 100 characters. Each character's image is depicted in precise portraits. There are court powers, ministers, generals, officials, ladies, cardinals, and envoys from various countries.
The grand composition of this painting and the spectacular scenes are not found in any of the artist's previous works. Davit devoted his best efforts to the painting of this piece, and he sought someone to help him make a puppet model tray that mimics the panorama of Coronation in order to adjust the picture light according to the overall idea. Many people were invited by the artist to the studio to make a model.

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