Storage after Framed calligraphy and painting

        The ancients said that "paper is a thousand years old," but if you don't pay attention to it, the paper is very easy to damage. Especially the well-prepared calligraphy and painting, how to store it is also very particular.

        After the paintings and paintings have been decorated, they have become a complete piece of art. They must be carefully taken care of and stored reasonably so as not to be damp or mildewed. When storing, wrap the picture with a layer of cotton paper or tissue paper, and wrap a new layer of newspaper on the outside (the ink on the newspaper can prevent insects) and then put it in a plastic bag and tie it to the mouth of the bag. If there are more frames, you can pack the pictures in a drawer or in a picture cabinet in order. Do not put a lot of them and press the lower layer. It should be divided into several layers, and label on each layer. . The painting cabinet should be placed in a dry and cool place, and some moisture-proofing agents and insect repellents can be placed in the cabinet. For the expensive ancient scrolls, it is necessary to double care and meticulous management in the collection and storage. In addition to the above requirements, the carton, wooden box, kit or cloth should be customized according to the length and diameter of the shaft. Indicate the author, content, date of storage, and date of repair. Old calligraphy and painting should be opened less and less in storage to prolong its life.

        When hanging pictures, be careful not to hang the frame on rusty nails and smudged walls, not to hang on wet walls. At the same time, be careful not to hang in direct sunlight and wind convection. When painting and drawing, use a fork and a fork to prevent the fork from being folded. When drawing the picture, it is necessary to prevent the frame from being folded into a hard mark. After it is removed, it is gently rolled up on a clean and dry surface. If the frame is hung on the wall and scrolled vertically, the left hand can easily follow the shaft on the foot, and the right hand can be rolled up at the right end; if the frame is flat on the case, hold both ends with both hands. The shaft head is lightly rolled forward, and the left hand holds the shaft of the shaft downward, and the right hand holds the shaft end of the right end and rolls forward. Hand roll, couplet and other frames without a shaft head can hold the shaft down with one hand and push the roll forward with one hand. Once the paintings and calligraphy are assembled, whether it is a vertical roll or a flat roll, care must be taken not to make the hand holding the roll, and the finger is drawn upwards, so as not to cause the back of the picture to be damaged by the hard fold. During the process of painting, drawing and painting, pay attention to the cleaning of the hands, and avoid the sweat on the hands.


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