Some Famous Masterpieces of Da Vinci

Recently, Leonardo da Vinci's work "The Savior" dropped his hammer at the New York auction for 400 million U.S. dollars and became the most expensive art in the history of the auction. So what are the masterpieces that Leonardo da Vinci has survived now?

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Da Vinci created the picture when he was 20, from which we can glimpse his rich inner world. The painting was hidden in Florence, and although Vasari did not mention the painting in his edition of “The Art Celebrities”, no doubt everyone thought it was from Leonardo da Vinci. Because every detail in the painting embodies his creative features: the distant misty mountains, slender trees, lovely flowers, and gorgeous satin. The most prominent is the angel's wings, other artists never paint so much ink. They embody Da Vinci's fascination with the human flying dream.

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The picture shows a gleam of halo, depicting an elegant face, which is one of the clues the art historian concludes the painting is true. In Italian, Juniper and Guineafla are pronounced similar, so juniper trees become the symbol of pun, which alludes the woman's name in the picture. At that time, no Italian artist would create a female portrait in a direct and unique way like Leonardo Da Vinci. The elusive look of melancholy, the outline of the shadow, especially the translucent eyes and pink lips, serve as an exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci's future portraits. This is one of his most famous works in Florence.

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The woman in the painting is Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of Ludovico Sforza Duke of Milan. The vitality and freedom of femininity conveyed by Leonardo Da Vinci completely broke the female image of the 15th century. She almost seems to be coming out of the picture frame, and the pet in her arms is equally disturbing. This silver rat is Ludovic's coat of arms, so she is holding her lover tightly.

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