Sailboat Charm

    From the moment the history of the world sailed, the symbols of art were traveled in different ways. The sailing boat is not only the rudder in the hands of a strong and intelligent warrior, changing the movement from time to time, but also turning the brush in the artist's hand into an eternal memory on the canvas.
     Many artists in history have had infinite expectations of the sea, more or less the closest to the sailing boat "story." Impressionist representative, the French artist Claude Monet (Claude Monet) is one of the most representative.
    Monet since childhood, living in the sea, the ocean has the most familiar and profound emotion. In his portrayal of the oceans, it always shows the flow and the jumping of water. Seductive levels, rich tone, so shimmering sea surfaced with a changing color.
    Monet likes to portray sailing. He often carries out multiple portrayals of the same scene under different time and light conditions to record what he sees as full of vitality and sportiness. Monet attaches great importance to brush strokes, different strokes can show the different things the texture and movement. Scattered brush strokes rush to the canvas, to the darkest shadow on the screen also bring color, give the color of the new soul. Every sky, sea, sailboat he portrayed was colored with a hundredfold emotions, and the outburst of emotions seemed to help sail the sail.
    Monet at the age of 29 began to sketch on the Seine. He was touched by the glittering and wobbling light of the water, fooled by the rapidly changing, rich colors, and so naturally it produced a quick gallop of rough brush strokes and brilliant mottled patches. All of these dazzling paintings show the perfect harmony, seemingly intense and passionate sailing, in Monet pen is full of vitality, but also gentle and tranquil, adding a more lasting vitality.
    "Sunrise • Impression" is Monet's famous masterpiece. The picture depicts the sunrise through the mist watching the harbor of Avel. Painted directly at the poke point painted brush strokes depicting the unclear background of the morning mist, a variety of colors give the water an infinite brightness, the three boats in the sea, gradually become blurred in the mist, distant buildings, ports , Cranes, ships, masts, etc. are also dim in the dawn.

Monet's Painting


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