Precautions During the Preservation of Oil Painting

         If a painting is properly maintained, it can be painted for hundreds of years. On the contrary, cracking, shedding and discoloration of the color layer may occur. How can we protect the canvas from damage?

        First, two layers of natural beeswax pre-dissolved in turpentine can be applied thinly on the back of the canvas to completely prevent the intrusion of humid air and cause injury;

        Secondly, oil painting is the most prone to long-term direct sunlight, because ultraviolet light is very destructive to color, which will make it fade and discolor;

        Third, the room for storing oil painting must be well ventilated, pay attention to prevent damage caused by dust and mildew on the canvas, and the room needs to maintain a certain range of temperature and humidity;

        Finally, the oil painting should not stick the two pictures together. Once the temperature rises, it may cause the pictures to stick together and cause the oil color to fall off.

The following points are the points to pay special attention to when hanging calligraphy and painting:

        First, the hanging paintings and paintings can be painted with soft shackles such as ponytail brooms. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the core;

        Second, the windows cannot be fully opened, so that the wind can be prevented from blowing directly into the picture;

        Third, it is best to put a small case on the front of the hanging calligraphy to protect it, but do not place anything to block the painting;

        Fourth, the hot and humid interior is not suitable for painting. In the room where the paintings are drawn in winter, there must be warmth measures to avoid frostbite in the paintings.


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