Pissarro's biography

        Pissarro (1830-1903) Camille Pissarro is a consistent Impressionist painter. His significance to Impressionism is even more than that of Monet. His virtue is high and he has won the admiration of everyone. In the minds of Impressionist painters, he It is the parents of this loose family, so people call him Moses (the messenger of God, the leader of Israel).

       Pissarro's father was a French Jewish businessman who counted on his father's business. When Pissarro was 11 years old, he was sent to Paris to study. At the age of 17, he went home to do business, but he devoted himself to painting and had to abandon his business at the age of 22. He himself said, "cutting off my relationship with bourgeois life", came to Paris to enter the Danish painter Maier's studio to learn painting, and to study in the art school for a short time, but he is more important to study outside the studio. At the beginning of 1855, the young people who came to Paris met the World Expo, and the fascinating art masterpieces made him intoxicated. What made him even more excited was Corot's landscape paintings.

       He has visited Corot and accepted the guidance and advice of the master. His works from the 1970s were deeply influenced by Corot. Pissarro is very eager to learn, and is good at drawing on the strengths of other contemporary painters and integrating into his artistic creation. The styles of Miller, Courbet, and Dumière have all appeared in his paintings, which makes Corot say he is not specific. In the years to come, although he continued to follow his favorite masters, painters and friends to change his style of painting, Monet's influence on him was decisive. In 1871, I fled to the UK to meet Monet because of the war. From then on, they decided that their careers will be together for the rest of their lives. They are like-minded and promote each other. He is easygoing and easy to be attracted by others, but he is influenced by others, but he has the temperament and skill of the great painter, and he has not lost himself.

       He is also a discerning and tolerant painter who is good at discovering genius and supporting genius. For example, when Cézanne only regarded him as an extensive and unreasonable painter, he predicted that Cézanne would have great achievements in the future, and absorbed Cézanne's paintings in his paintings, Miller, He tried all the paintings of Shura. In short, all the styles and techniques that Pissarro has tried in the past will eventually come together and condense into his own ordinary and excellent Pissarro style. As he hoped, he finally showed "pure, concise, honest, soft, free, spontaneous and fresh" on the screen. On November 3, 1903, the 63-year-old Pissarro died. He has lived to see the universal achievements of Impressionism. He saw that it soon became a trace and was replaced by more new paintings. This old and always young painter must have a very understanding and acceptance of all this.

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