On The Field of Hope | Jean-Francois Millet

Tracing and depicting affectionately with fields and people who work in fields are the favorite career of Miller throughout his life. I am even convinced that in Miller's heart, there must have been an immense and substantial land of truth, a reflection of his unpolluted and earthly simple porcelain-mind. There is no city noisy and haze in his art, but also not draw too much on the indifference of the world and people's desire. "I have never seen anything in my life except the fields and I just want to show them with my hand." That’s what he said and what he did. Simple and full, focused and tranquil, life can have such a state of mind, no matter how happy.

Miller is fascinated by the yellow. Yellow sky , yellow fields, yellow costumes, yellow soil, even the human face is the yellow tone. He slightly painted the man with another color with light blue shirt and black felt hat, the rest is yellow ocean. In Miller's opinion, the yellow color should be the field, and only this color can be more vividly and accurately represent and describe the excitement of harvest. As it can be seen from some of his paintings, yellow is the background color of his life, which is also the basic tone. Let's call this expression as Miller's beige mirage for the time being.

Because in the field of hope, no other color can replace yellow to intuitive and warmly convey the state of harvest.

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