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        In addition to depicting rural life, Pissarro also painted some urban streetscapes. The painting is Pissarro sitting in front of the hotel's upstairs window and painting the street scene. The painter seeks to express his own visual experience without creating illusions by subjectively exaggerating distortions. The street scene in the painting is full of traffic and the reflection of the sunset gives the street a strong light refraction. Trees, people, and horses and walkers are wrapped in the flash of light, causing a particular flashing environment. The sound of carriages, squeaks, and moving people in the streets constitute a lively and meteorological scene. Here, the outline of the object is not deliberately sought for work, and the contrast between the cool and warm colors has been abandoned, and only the fine rhythms and rhythms between colors are preserved. The light-receiving part of the street was unified in a light yellow multi-layered tone. Some pale purple and orange were painted in the backlight, and the middle part was covered with dark purple and blue-purple people and horses and horses. Everything seemed to be turbulent in the setting sun.

        Camille Pissarro (1830–1903) was a French impressionist painter. Although he loved painting since childhood, he had no support from his parents and he had to rely on self-study. He studied at Anton Melber's studio. The style of his life is full of the simplicity of a farmer. In his paintings, besides farmers and peasant women, they are ordinary pedestrians on the market, so they are known as "impressionist Miller". In addition, among the Impressionist painters, he was the earliest pioneer to paint under the light. Even Cézanne, later representative of the late Impressionists, admitted that he was "an artist who is closest to nature."


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