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Impressionist Monet left over 500 drawings throughout life, more than 2000 paintings and 2700 letters. He has traveled all over the world, from Paris Avenue to the Mediterranean coast, visited London, the United States and other places, traveled around the sketch, leaving countless works, these works deduced his life.
However, among his many works, there is only one woman in his paintings, namely his first wife, Caramel.
In 1865, 25-year-old Monet met Caramel and asked her to make a model in the huge oil painting "Lunch on Grassland" that he was planning at the time. The two young men fell in love at first sight.


The first woman in the picture on the left side of the screen is drawn with the model - Caramel.
At that time, the girl Caramel such as fairy lady and the human elf, exuded the magic of fascinating Monet. They fall in love soon, just as a light clings to another light.
However, Mona's business-minded father did not accept Camille's model origin and strongly opposed their marriage. Monet did not obey his father, so Monet's parents cut off his source of income. Since then, Monet and Cameron live a poor life, but very happy.
Economic pressures and the success of the "Green Lady" made young Monet eager and determined to paint another large oil painting ”The Woman in the Garden”.

Unfortunately, Monet's effortless creation was not accepted by the official salon. Economic distress and family frustration double blow, Monet's mood was unspeakable. However, the beautiful and kind-hearted Caramel has always been, always quietly beside him to support him as his model. She even gave birth to a child under the circumstance that Monet even couldn’t give her the most common birthright.
Later, their love finally touched Monet's family. In 1870, their children were three years old. They finally got married. They spent a sweet honeymoon in the town of Trouville, and Monet tirelessly painted Caramel .
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However, God always loves to joke. When you feel everything is just fine, content and then enjoying the moment of quiet life, but suddenly there have been changes. Four years later, when the 37-year-old Caramel died of illness, Monet drew the "Deathly Hallows" in the same year. All the paintings were melancholy colors and chaotic strokes, all of them silently tell the sadness of losing his wife.

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A Sad Story, but I love this story. It's enough to meet a muse in the lifetime.

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