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He is a successful business artist, he shows his own thoughts and emotions in his compositions with his strong desires. His works show warm nostalgia, love and family warmth with exciting colors, he subtly express the theme of the work. His work is throughout the United States and is widely appreciated by collectors around the world. He has also conducted exhibitions in China.

Pino's work focuses on depicting tenderness, nostalgia, love and family. His work is often framed on the sun-drenched Mediterranean beaches , which is a typical example of where he grew up. Pino's outstanding talent of capturing the movements and expressions of creators earned him numerous followers and orders to draw private portraits around the world. Since childhood came to be surrounded by numerous beautiful women, including his sisters, aunts and cousins, his character is characterized by a variety of qualities ranging from adoring to isolation. Pino’s characters often appear in the beauty of boudoir or dressing room, looking forward to their husband or lover.

Pino studied at the Bari Academy of Arts in Italy before studying at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. There, he devoted himself to studying the structure of the human body under the influence of the former Raphaelite and Marchi Yuri, and further improved his painting skills. After successfully establishing its own reputation in Italy, Pino moved to the United States to seek a broader space for further artistic development and further development opportunities. Soon, the famous Borghi Gallery unearthed him for his several shows in New York and Boston. Pino's early works were portrayal of romantic women dressed in silky dresses, which were attracted by Dell and Zebra for their publishing idea. In 1980, Zebra commissioned him to paint his first cover, and his popularity in the literary world was subsequently on the rise, culminating in numerous publications by Zebra, Bantam, Simon, Schuster, Herlequin, PenquinUSA and Dell.

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Such a beautiful art, the girl in the canvas looks pretty. An imaginative painter - Pino.

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