Impressionist Painter – Manet

Manet was never willing to admit that he was an impressionist painter, but virtually became the leader of the impressionist painter. In art, he was considered to be the first person to take bold steps in the new form of color. In artistic theory, he also had a set of insights. In 1867, he publicly emphasized that his intention of drawing painting was " express his impressions", against the rigid academic art theory.

He was not initially an impressionist in the pure sense. Because his color painting is more traditional. However, he did not comply with the old oil painting regulations, he create his own color method. His color is relatively completed, each piece is very harmonious and very bright, gives people transparency and freshness. After coming into contact with Monet, he has influenced each other and made Monet truly an impressionist painter in color.

Because of his dominant thinking, he often pays attention to the performance of beautiful color effects. The inner temperament of characters is often engulfed by the performance of light and color. Some people say that the eyes of the characters in Manet's works are not reticent. Manet's work was attacked and criticized at that time, and it was the judge who developed and guided the impressionist painter in later.


"The Fifer" is one of Manet's important works and it is also an oil painting that people are very familiar with. The true and natural performance of the youth in the painting gives people visually great enjoyment. Using the flat-face painting method with almost no shadow to represent the reality of the characters, we can see Manet's talent and sense of self-esteem from here. This painting clearly bears the influence of Japanese ukiyo-e prints.

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